Saturday, 6 August 2016

Easy and useful energy efficient tips for your refrigerator

This is very important that how you can save the energy, some people think that refrigerator is the main source of spend the energy. So they turning off the fridge at night but this is not a good way, you can spoil the food. So here are some of the useful tips are very helpful in energy efficient and you don’t need to any refrigerator repair service provider.

  • Never keep the so hot food in the fridge, keep for cool firs. To cool the hot food the fridge work harder and regulate the appropriate air flow, it utilize more energy.
  • Don’t forget to closed the fridge door as much as possible, and take care the door is tightly sealed to keep the cold air in. if you don’t know then keep a piece of paper between it and pull it out. You will be clear about the door.
  • Make sure that the refrigerator and freezer defrost properly. If you will keep the frost build up too much, in this situation the fridge work harder in food cooling. Try don’t let the frost build up more than a quarter of an inch, so any thicker the fridge will decrease energy efficiency.
  • The normal temperature of a fridge should be 35 to 38 degree, in this way energy will be down and food also be cold not go to spoil.
  • Before keeping the food in fridge make sure that all the food is sealed up in a box or containers, and cover all the liquid food. Because uncovered food create the moisture in the fridge and in this situation compressor work harder and energy will waste.

So along with all these tips keep your appliance regularly maintained as well, and if get any fault then contact with any appliance repairing service provider. A faulty appliance cannot work properly that means the waste of energy to run itself.

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