Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to maintain and replacing the main control board

Refrigerator is the most important appliance of kitchen, and without a refrigerator a kitchen cannot look complete. Especially in summer season, it is very difficult to survive without a refrigerator. If there is any fault in your refrigerator such as not running or not cooling, in this situation you need to refrigerator repairing service and replace the main control board.

To replace the main control board you have required a quarter inch nut driver and two needle nose pliers. First you have to pull the refrigerator out for enough to get behind it, unplug the fridge and ensure that water lines are turned off. Nine quarter inch hex screw remove that hold the access cover. Then main control board is placed behind it all the individual wire harness connections remove first before to remove the board. Separate every individual plug and then wiggle them out, needle nose pliers can be used here. Plastic mounting tabs which holding the board in place depress that tab.
Now remove the used fridge control board and mount the new control board. Set this board over the four mounting tabs. Now reinstall the wire harness and ensure that they are easily fixed in their sockets. With the help of an eyelet locate the ground wire because when you will put the cover back on the screw, it go through the ground to the chassis.

As you board back in place then put the access cover back on. After that reinstall the whole nine screws and attach the ground wire. After that attached the back panel, now push the fridge back in place, water line now turned on and connect the power cord.
If you are unable to repair fridge by yourself than for every type of kitchen appliance repairing service contact to a trusted company. That are working around your city.

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